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Infertility: it fucking sucks.

You probably never imagined finding yourself here. After all, look all the pregnant women walking around this town! Who would've ever thought getting pregnant would be this hard? And, yet, here you are, doing the best you can to navigate this strange new world. Infertility is a heart-wrenching, gut-punching experience. One you have to constantly be figuring out, coping with, researching, trying new approaches to, etc., all while maintaining your relationship, job, friendships- sanity. In the process, mental and emotional health takes a back seat to physical health at the detriment of your well-being. You may be wondering if investing time and money into therapy is worth it, you may even view it as a "luxury." The truth is, our physical and emotional health are forever intertwined. Caring for your entire self is paramount to surviving and triumphing this ultimate challenge.
So, why am I the right therapist to help you on this journey? I used to tell my fellow infertility warriors that any therapist could help them. After all, we're all trained in grief, loss, depression, etc. Then I attended a training with a well-known trauma therapist and he said something to me along the lines of, "Well, as afflictions go, infertility isn't the worst one you could have." So, I was wrong. Therapists do need some experience, if not personal, then at least through friends or family or past clients they've learned from because infertility is no joke; it is a world all it's own. There is so much educating that goes along with the journey- of family members, friends, sometimes even your medical providers- you shouldn't have to spend time in therapy educating your therapist about it. Time can be better spent processing your specific experience and helping you get to a better place emotionally and psychologically.
I am a long time volunteer and community member of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. My life experience with infertility coupled with my professional and educational training place me in a unique position to help those navigating the IF underworld. Whether you are just starting to realize there is a problem,  you're on the treatment treadmill or, you are moving on to other options: I can help you find your footing and thrive in your present reality.

Take my hand, we will walk this path together!

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