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Pregnancy & Postpartum 

The Postpartum season can be fraught with worry, fear, anger and sadness. Whether you have coped with anxiety or depression prior to baby or, are experiencing it for the first time, know that you are not alone. An estimated 80% of new moms experience Baby Blues during the first 2 weeks. Symptoms that continue beyond two weeks are more severe and need specialized treatment to subside. With the help of therapy and, possibly, medication, you will become well again. 

Postpartum Illnesses

Baby Blues: minor to moderate feelings of sadness, crying, worry or emotional numbness. 

Depression: intense sadness, anger, bouts of crying, lack of interest in baby, difficulty with appetite & sleep, guilt, shame, hopelessness, possibly thoughts of suicide.

Anxiety: persistent worry, racing thoughts, feelings of doom, panic, sleep or appetite distrubance, feelings of restlessness, physical symptoms of nausea, dizziness, heart racing or chest pains.

OCD: intrusive thoughts or images of harm coming to baby, repetitive behaviors, hypervigilence, fear of being alone with baby, alarmed by thoughts that come out of nowhere. *Women with PP OCD are not likely to act on the thoughts they are having, they recognize them as irrational. 

PTSD: occurs following birth trauma or a resurfacing of trauma experienced in childhood. Symptoms include flashbacks, peristent thoughts of the traumatic event(s), insomnia/nightmares, avoidance of reminders. 

Bipolar Disorder: episodes of severe depression and mania which occur in a cyclical manner. 

Psychosis: a rare disorder characterized by auditory and/or visual hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, frantic or bizarre behavior. PP Psychosis is an emergency and requires immediate medical treatment.

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